GLEAMER is a French med‐tech company that develops an Artificial Intelligence-based software platform to help radiologists and Emergency physicians in their medical practice, especially diagnose their patients. The company aims to transform radiology through its A.I. applications capable of detecting lesions on medical images and delivering semi‐automated diagnosis. In practice, it allows practitioners to go faster while being safer for their diagnosis.

GLEAMER’s first AI application BoneView®, that detects traumatic injuries in radiographic images, (Medical Device Class IIa) is already used by more than 60 public and private hospitals in France and Switzerland.

Co‐founded in 2017 by Christian Allouche, Alexis Ducarouge and Nor‐eddine Regnard MD., GLEAMER raised more than 10 M€ over the past two years for boosting its global expansion and BoneView’s market launches in Europe, Middle East, Asia, and USA thanks to their ongoing FDA clearance process driven by a first clinical study in Boston.

In parallel, the 30 people company based in Paris has an ambitious product roadmap in many other areas within the radiology.