The Aiforia Clinical Suite for Breast Cancer

Research only | Breast | Amplifier Integrator | H&E & KI67 & HER2 & ER & PR

Description of use

The Breast Cancer Suite from Aiforia includes a ready-to-use AI model, a browser-based viewer, and an intuitive QC platform — made for diagnostic support, case prioritization, automated reporting and more! The Suite is seamlessly integrated into any existing lab setup: PACS, LIS, scanning, staining, scoring definitions, and more! You don’t need to adapt to start using Aiforia’s solutions, we adapt to meet your needs. The tools included in the Breast Cancer Suite are: AI Models for Diagnostic support, pre- and post-analysis screening (currently we have the CE marked Ki67 AI model for diagnostic support and are developing models for: ER, PR, HER2, & Mitotic counter), a Clinical viewer designed specifically for Breast Cancer diagnostics, and a platform for QC and adaption.

The application content is provided by the respective AI vendors.