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Description of use

Transpara is a software only application designed to be used by physicians to improve interpretation of digital mammography and digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT, or 3D mammography). The system is intended to be used as a concurrent reading aid to help readers with detection and characterization of potential abnormalities and to improve workflow. ‘Deep learning’ algorithms are applied to Full-Field Digital Mammography (FFDM) images and DBT slices for recognition of suspicious calcifications and soft tissue lesions (including densities, masses, architectural distortions, and asymmetries). Algorithms are trained with a large database of biopsy-proven examples of breast cancer, benign abnormalities, and examples of normal tissue.

Transpara offers the following functions which may be used at any time during reading (concurrent use):

  • Computer aided detection (CAD) marks to highlight locations where the device detected suspicious calcifications or soft tissue lesions.
  • Decision support is provided by region scores on a scale ranging from 0-100, with higher scores indicating a higher level of suspicion.
  • Links between corresponding regions in different views of the breast, which may be utilized to enhance user interfaces and workflow.
  • An exam based score which categorizes exams on a scale of 1-10 with increasing likelihood of cancer.

The application content is provided by the respective AI vendors.