icobrain tbi

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Description of use

icobrain tbi addresses the need for standardized evaluation and management of acute brain trauma on CT and traumatic axial injuries (TAI) and atrophy in patients with mild to severe brain trauma on MR.

icobrain tbi for MR allows for the detection of diffuse consequences of brain damage by:

  • Detecting, quantifying and tracking the progression of FLAIR lesions.
  • Assessing the TAI distribution and change.
  • Tracking the annualized changes for cortical and hippocampal volumes.

icobrain tbi for CT enables the fast and standardized assessment of acute brain trauma by the automated assessment of intracranial injuries.

Detection of mass effects by:

  • Detecting, quantifying and classifying hyperdensities.
  • Assessing the CSF spaces and ventricular asymmetry.
  • Measuring midline shift.
  • Visualizing CSF space patterns in an intuitive bull’s eye graph.

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