ClearRead™ Xray

FDA & CE | Chest | X-ray | Amplifier Partner

Description of use

Riverain's patented ClearRead Xray | Bone Suppress AI software transforms a chest radiograph into a soft tissue image, providing unprecedented clarity.

  • 17% improved lung nodule detection
  • 19% faster reads - First FDA-approved software for bone suppression
  • Robust, vendor neutral processing, for your site or entire enterprise
  • Stacked review model allows for quick and easy comparison


ClearRead Xray | Bone Suppress increases the visibility of soft tissue in standard chest Xrays by suppressing the bone on the digital image without the need for two exposures.

ClearRead Xray | Confirm optimizes and standardizes portable chest Xrays and improves the conspicuity of lines and tubes without compromising diagnostic image quality.

The application content is provided by the respective AI vendors.