CERCARE Perfusion

CE | Neuro | CT & MRI | Amplifier Integrator

Description of use

CERCARE Perfusion is a zero-click perfusion imaging solution for brain CT and MRI assessment. With AIF selection facilitated by AI, it allows to save valuable time on postprocessing thus enabling faster workflow in a radiology department. While accounting for capillary integrity and function, CERCARE Perfusion delivers high-quality parametric maps that provide a clear overview of brain tissue oxygenation in a range of neurological disorders involving vascular pathology such as oncology, dementia, and stroke.

The solution is multi-vendor and is compatible with most major scanner manufacturers.

  • Zero-click postprocessing
  • CT & MRI
  • DSC/DCE MRI analysis
  • Multi-vendor compatibility

CERCARE Perfusion consists of Cercare Medical Neurosuite and one module – Capillary Function.

The application content is provided by the respective AI vendors.